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Bridgerton musical to be performed in concert and released as a concept album

The album arrives next month

The album design
The album design
© Igor Kasyanyuk / Artwork: Samantha Bates

The unofficial musical twist on hit Netflix series Bridgerton, which we covered earlier this year, will be presented live in concert and released as an album next month.

Penned by Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, the show first gathered steam via TikTok (where they were the catnip of the musical theatre community), and will now be made available on streaming platforms from 10 September.

A concert performance of some of the shows will take place in Bicester Village from 12 to 14 August (we aren't too sure where in Bicester they're happening, bear with).

Bridgerton first appeared on Netflix at the beginning of 2021, instantly becoming a national sensation.

The album will feature the following numbers:

"Tis The Season"
"Lady Whistledown"
"If I Were A Man"
"Penelope Featherington"
"The Ruse"
"Fool For You"
"Alone Together"
"Entertain Me"
"Friend Turned Foe"
"Burn For You"
"Worker Bee"
"Every Inch"
"Burned Me Instead"
"Balancing The Scales"
"Ocean Away"

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