Baz Luhrmann on ”Moulin Rouge!” supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust and putting ”Elvis” on stage

Baz Luhrmann
Baz Luhrmann

A special West End gala took place last night at Moulin Rouge! to support the Teenage Cancer Trust.

As part of the event, famous director Baz Luhrmann spoke about the significance of the charity and what it means to him personally.

He also suggested that a stage version of his blockbuster new film Elvis could be a very real possibility, admitting: “All my shows naturally can become musicals. I don’t know when but, without putting headlines out there, I don’t how how it wouldn’t be.

“Think of the role of Tom Hanks [who played Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’ manager] anchoring a whirling musical around Elvis. You know, I had the privilege to get Austin [Butler] to do all the full numbers in Elvis – we didn’t call cut. On a musical stage version you could let it flow… A live stage version would give both the live performance and the inner life of Elvis.”

Watch the full video below:

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