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Alfie Boe: 'I just can't wait to get back out there again'

The performer will be streaming his concert at the end of the week

Alfie Boe
© Dan Wooller for WhatsOnStage

Alfie Boe has had a busy month! Not only has he just announced plans to return with the concert version of Les Misérables this Christmas, but on Friday his Bring Him Home concert at Royal Festival Hall will be streamed on YouTube as part of The Shows Must Go On! series for 48 hours.

Boe chats about his ongoing time in lockdown below:

Has lockdown changed the way you've perceived the performing arts?
I think lockdown has hopefully made us appreciate the arts more, and it's highlighted how the arts are unfortunately the first thing to be cut or shut-down in times like these, but they are what keeps us moving forward. People loved watching various at-home concerts, duets and performances; people were tuning into Netflix and streaming services far more, and we had a duty as entertainers to provide entertainment.

Unfortunately it's now at the stage where the arts and creative industries need the support to be able to survive, whether that's permissions to open theatres again, socially distanced concerts or digital performances. I've been surrounded by performers for so long, we're a tough bunch but ultimately we all love to perform and want to work again as soon as we can!

What were your fondest memories of the Royal Festival Hall concert?
I just love being up on that stage, it's a feeling like no other and the rush and adrenaline you get from performing is indescribable. I miss people's reactions to certain songs, and when you can see their faces light up when they know a certain track is coming next, or they hear the opening bars, it's great. I just can't wait to get back out there again.

If there was any role you could ever play what would it be?
I'd love to play the role of Sweeney Todd. It's a wonderful role and one I've wanted to play for a long time.

If you could have one message for the UK government, what would it be?
I guess I can't swear in this… I'm joking! As I said, people in performing arts, from leading actors right down to lighting techs and prop masters, we are all a tough bunch, but this is something none of us have ever prepared for or ever dreamed would happen. All we want to do is perform and to work, and I would plead with the government to help us out, help save the arts because it brings so much to our country, economically and culturally, and we need their help or we won't survive. We all want to get back out there and work, we just want to be given that chance.

Have you got exciting projects in the pipeline for 2021?
I've actually got a few things up my sleeve for after Les Mis and into 2021, but unfortunately I can't tell you about them yet – you'll just have to stay tuned!