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A few of my favourite things: Zrinka Cvitešić

The WhatsOnStage Award nominated actress counts ''Moulin Rouge'' and Open Air Theatres in Dubrovnik among her favourite things

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Having made a name for herself in Croatia, including winning the country's version of Strictly Come Dancing, Zrinka Cvitešić has been playing 'Girl' in the hit musical Once since April 2013.

Cvitešić will finish her run in Once on 8 March 2014. A new cast is yet to be announced.

As announced yesterday, we are very excited that Zrinka will be performing at the WhatsOnStage Awards concert this Sunday. Tickets are still available here.

So Zrinka, what is your favourite...


Perfume by Patrick Süskind – Set in Paris, I love this book because it's everything in one: love, hate, desire, lust, passion, joy, sadness, life, death, beauty, ugliness, drama, poetry....it's life in its full form. I read it in high school, while I was studying, and again just a few years ago. Every time it makes my heart jump.

Place in London?

Tower Bridge by night. It's one of the most beautiful and the most romantic night walks in this fabulous city. It's my place for dreaming. Also, the stage at the Phoenix Theatre, where I am currently playing Girl in Once, because every night one of my dreams comes true.

Thing to listen to? (Artist, Podcast, Audiobook)

Anything by American vocalist and guitarist Eva Cassidy as every song has heart and soul. Tom Waits, because his music has theatre in it and Ennio Morricone, because with his music he makes a movie in a movie.

Holiday destination?

All around the world: I've been around Europe, all over the States, Africa and who knows where else. And every country has its own beauty. If you are happy where you are at that moment, every place can be the most beautiful place on Earth. Right now for me that's London.

Musical? (Excluding Once)

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's Evita or Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge – I just can't decide!

Theatre to visit?

Open air theatres in Dubrovnik during Summer Festival are wonderful. Offering contemporary culture, these six week summer festivals are often set in the Old Town with the City Walls and moonlit sky as the backdrop. They offer everything, from modern to classical theatre and music, from dance to movie nights.

Song in Once?

A capella "Gold". You know how every country has its hymn and then people stand up and sing it during various events? Well, I feel it's our hymn, hymn of Once. And it's the most emotional moment for me in the show. If you cough you might miss it :) It's that quiet and fragile.

Role that you have played?

I played Natasha Rostove in Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace at the National Theatre of Croatia. Tomaž Pandur's production was in 2012 and it was the last thing I did before I came to Once. I love the complexity of that role, all the layers it has, from girl to woman, from innocent rose to a strong sword, from floating in the air to falling on the ground. She is every woman emotion and every woman state.