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8 things that really annoy us at the theatre

Going to the theatre is awesome, having to put up with these things is not.

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Last night I went to watch Mamma Mia! for the first time. Having not been a huge fan of the film, the show more than surpassed my expectations and I had a really great time.

However I was surrounded by the noisiest people, ever! Which inspired me to write this list.

1. People talking.

You're in a theatre, if you want to talk, go to a bar.

2. That one person who doesn't turn off their phone...and it rings...and they just leave it...

Dude! Everyone knows it's your phone! TURN IT OFF!

3. That person whose phone rings and they think it's fine to answer it.

Oh yeah, go ahead, take the call from your girlfriend, it's not like I haven't heard this monologue before.

4. The couple that arrive 20 minutes after the show started.

Erm, did your ticket say this show starts at 7:30pm but you can turn up when you like? No, I don't think it did.

5. Paying £4.50 for an ice cream.

"Two ice creams? That'll be £9 please sir. " - Is it made from the milk of unicorns?

6. People singing along to every song.

Are you in the cast? Is your name in the programme? Did I pay to come and listen to you? No? Well stop singing then.

7. Those who seem unable to open a sweet quietly.

You could have bought Maltesers or Wine Gums, but of course you had to choose the individually wrapped Murray Mints. Well done.

8. That must-see show has sold out, but someone's selling tickets on ebay for £200.

Yay, extended run! *Googles theatre box office* Sold out. *Googles tickets* WTF?

What grinds your gears at the theatre? Let us know in the comments below or on twitter with the hashtag #theatreproblems