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10 more signs that you are Stagey and Proud

From musical themed socks to twitter impresarios, if you're stagey this list will be familiar to you

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Following on from our article, 10 signs that you are #StageyAndProud, here's ten more signs that you may need to check into SA (Stagey Anonymous).

1. You know that "Story of my Life" is from Shrek, not One Direction!

And you cringed at the gossip linking Harry styles to playing Fiyero in Wicked the movie!

2. Your friends text you to ask what they should go and see

Then they text to ask where's best to get tickets from.

3. You hear "Dancing Queen" on the radio and instantly think of Mamma Mia before you think of Abba

© Brinkhoff/Moegenburg

Don't worry, we all do it Honey, Honey....

4. You went to New York and spent the whole week on Broadway

"The Statue of Who? Empire State What?"

5. Your feet look like this


With these little feet-warmers, you'll be "Dancing Through Life"!

6. And your baking looks like this


Take these into work on a Monday and you're sure to be "Popular"! (Sorry, last pun, we promise)

7. You've spent hours on Google trying to work out who @westendproducer is

© Matt Crockett


8. You make the morning commute more fun by pretending the tube doors are the curtains opening at the Palladium

The next train will be the 07.54 to your moment of fame.

9. It makes your day when your favourite show/actor retweets you

OMG! They retweeted me! I better message them 1000 times to say thank you!

10. When you hold a baby, you have to resist the urge to "do a Simba"

And you also sing "Hakuna Matata" every time someone says "No Worries".


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