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Scouse of the Antarctic (Royal Court, Liverpool)

Bawdy fun for adults at Christmas with a Liverpool flavour; Scouse of the Antarctic and it's a hit says Sarah Daniels.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Laughter and festive cheer is abound as Scouse of the Antarctic, has arrived at the Royal Court.

Michael Starke
© Dave Evans

This not-quite traditional Christmas show is full of Scouse wit and humour from top to bottom, this show has everything, from a foul mouthed snowman to rather impressive ice skating polar bears.

Scouse of the Antarctic tells the story of Jimmy, played by Royal Court favourite Michael Starke, who has moved to the North Pole, when suddenly his peace and quiet is ruined by the worst thing he could imagine – a student! Well, and a trigger-happy American and scary Russian looking for oil, a potty mouthed snowman and a polar bear couple who just want to get away for the three S's: Sun, Sea and…. Sand!

Certainly not a show for all the family, this show is a fantastically funny alternative to the traditional Christmas pantomime. There's no shouts of ‘It's Behind You!' here, this show is full of rude jokes and some rather terrible ice puns.

However with references to many Liverpool specific jokes, from the students in Wavertree to John Bishop's rather strange accent, this show captures just what is special and individual to Liverpool and its wonderful sense of self-deprecating humour.

While the entire cast is excellent, recent LIPA graduate Hayley Hampson shines as Daisy the self-righteous and annoying student that just won't leave Michael Starke's Jimmy alone. Thankfully, she gets a chance to shine with her glorious voice in a surprisingly sweet duet in Act 2.

Also standing out is Michael Fletcher playing a duel role of Kowalski and Bolokov - apparently due to George Clooney being too busy in the local pub to show up. His desperate attempts to keep from keeling over, rushing around playing two characters, is a highlight of the production and culminates in an amusing scene where he ends up having to beat himself up, much to the bemusement of everyone else watching.

This show is brilliant for a night out with your friends to get yourself in the mood for winter and the holidays, and one of the best the Royal Court have performed. This show enchants and delights the entire audience with topical and local references and some exceedingly funny jokes. Bawdy and witty for adults only.

Scouse of the Antarctic is at the Royal Court, Liverpool until 17 January.