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Someone Borrowed; Someone's Blue

Geoff Hodge reviews this new musical, which is part of Manchester Pride Fringe

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Three Minute Theatre, Manchester

Someone Borrowed; Someone's Blue
© New Attitude Theatre Company.

Someone Borrowed; Something's Blue was originally performed in 2006 in the Not Part of a Festival, but this time, music has been added ‘just in case people felt it wasn't camp enough', according to the blurb. Trust me, one thing you will never accuse this show of being is not camp enough.

This is a story of a love triangle, between Michel (Phillip Clift), Wendy (Rachel Wareing) and her drag-queen, Cher-impersonating sister Sandy (Dale Vicker). Fortune strikes Sandy when she is offered the change to present her own TV show, three times a week. Never mind that it clashes with Coronation Street, this is sure to be her big break. She can hardly believe her luck when Michel accidentally proposes to her.

Obviously, Sandy is now far too busy to plan her own wedding, so ropes in her sister to plan the big day with her betrothed. Her big day, however, looks set to be ruined when Michel accidentally invites Veronique – Sandy and Wendy's overbearing mother, and Wendy and Michel's relationship starts to become a little friendlier than it should.

Clever jokes carry this story along and the music helps tie the story together and keep it interesting. Some of the vocal performances are better than others, but the music isn't the centre of the story. The characters are all well written and acted and Vicker's performance as the eccentric Sandy contrasts deliciously with Wareing's Wendy.

Let's be honest here – if you're after a deep, philosophical play which operates on many levels and leaves you pondering life's unanswered questions, you're going to be disappointed. If, though - you seek a camp roller-coaster ride, interspersed with some cracking tunings, multiple wig-changes and a great dollop of humour, this is an entertaining night out which may, just for a moment, make you feel all warm inside.

- Geoff Hodge