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Dora the Explorer Live! Search for the Lost Toys (Tour - Glasgow)

Sol White Wood finds that Dora the Explorer Live! is not just child's play.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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King's Theatre, Glasgow

Dora the Explorer
© Nickelodeon
This touring production of the Nickelodeon kid's hit follows Dora and her friends going on an adventure for the lost toys, and they need your help along the way.

This involves audience participation, singing, dancing and a whole lot of fun. This family based show is aimed at 7 and under and ideally Dora the Explorer fans but newcomers will love it to. Older kids and adults won't find it boring as well; actually they will find it very fun and interesting, as there's lots going on throughout.

It's an exciting and well choreographed performance with very realistic costumes. Fans will love it because of how similar it is to the television show. The audience on the afternoon I attended were really into it you, therefore become part of the show's success. Once the production started, no-one moved until the interval, the kids in the audience were enjoying it so much.

The highlights of the performance were of course the crowd interaction, good vocals and the classy choreography. All of these elements get the crowd into the flow of the show. The set is also really good and leaves kids open mouthed as it's very inventive and true to the show.

In terms of length - 30 minutes each half, with a 20 minute interval is ideal for the young audience. Sometimes you could see the crew taking off the set but because I'm older I could see it, but a small child won't notice and it doesn't ruin the experience.

As a show for young and old, Dora is definitely worth exploring.

- Sol White Wood


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