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Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
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Just the Tonic at the Caves
5-29 August, 12.15

Immersive theatre can be a slippery beast. It doesn’t just need to be acted with conviction: every single component within the production must be entirely in-keeping with what ought to be a multi-faceted experience. In Wolf, the audience is invited to join the pack and move around the space, discovering the secrets and legends of wolves. However, the piece doesn’t so much fall down because of the individual performances, but because of an overall lack of cohesion.

The hour-long show is little more than a series of barely-connected bestial tableaux, which is a shame as the shadowy cavern at Just The Tonic is in many ways the ideal venue for a show that explores the mentality of wolves as well as the animalistic side of humanity. However, packed with audience members who had little choice but to stand against the walls and chuckle bemusedly, the experience felt more touristy than theatrical. I would say that this is the theatrical equivalent of a sheep in wolf’s clothing, but unlike the costume designer, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a wolf in a waistcoat.

- Miranda Fay Thomas


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