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Up 'N' Under (Aberdeen)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Written and directed by John Godber Up `N` Under is a story of the consequences of manly pride. Arthur, played by William Ilkley, used to play Rugby League until he was forced out by his rival Reg. On the side line of a game Reg and Arthur make a bet that Arthur can't coach a team to beat Reg's in a match five weeks later. The team Reg challenges Arthur to coach are so bad they themselves are about to give up when he arrives and tries to persuade them otherwise. A stroke of luck introduces Arthur to Abi Titmuss as Hazel, who's Dad was a Rugby League hero and who runs a nearby gym. She agrees to help with the training and her blonde attractiveness does much to motivate the woeful 4 men in said team.

Although slow to start the play contains many poignant moments and delivers much laughter. It is easy to follow and entertaining to see them effectively recreate a rugby match with so few actors. Whilst Abi Titmuss is pleasing to the eyes for the gentlemen in the audience, the ladies have the joy of James Crossley and Lewis Linford. Both of whom have to take their tops off at least once.

The set design by Pip Leckenby is simple yet effective with the main props being 2 very versatile benches - in the changing rooms, on the sidelines, as the bank of the river when fishing. Well acted and pleasingly unpredictable, Up `N` Under could be said to have something for everyone.


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