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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Transformer is a subversive sketch comedy show performed by three members of Bedlam Theatre regulars The Improverts.

It’s performed with very little props or costume on a bare stage, but this doesn’t detract from the slick and professional production they create. The comedy is original, intelligent and madcap. What makes the show so refreshing is the number of comic styles that the troupe attempt; there is something in here for everyone, whether silent comedy, character-based, satirical or absurd and surreal. The flow is fantastic, and the simplicity of the show makes it so much more individual and genuine.

Occasionally the diction slips, and a couple of sketches fall slightly flat, but overall this is very effective comedy. The trio play to their different strengths very well, though the sketches featuring all three of them are often the funniest. One that particularly stands out is when they play three young teenage girls, again with no props or costumes present (the group perform the entire show in jeans and T-shirts), using excellent vocal and physical characterisations, and inciting raucous laughter from a supportive audience.

This is generally clean, inoffensive, and very funny material. For the cheap ticket price, this is well worth a watch.

- Chris Wheeler


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