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Totty Galore & the Expanding Suitcase

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Totty Galore see’s William Dashwood, an accomplished physical actor play two roles, the Del Boy-esque street trader Frank and his widow Totty Galore. As Frank, William gives us a nice sense of an East End diamond, setting out his suitcase that holds an impossible amount of items. A nice monologue that would work as a cabaret act, Frank reveals tat after tat until his suitcase has provided a whole backdrop for the piece. Frank then morphs into his wife Totty, grieving the loss of Frank.

The piece works best when Totty, a loveable elderly lady is sharing tender thoughts about her angelic late husband and the quietly effecting number she strums on the ukulele. It falls down when it descends into rambles about the afterlife and suicide bombers despite some good lines about health warnings on male anatomy.

Clearly a labour of love, this solo show is a nostalgic and tender slice of the east-end looking at love, life and the loss of it all.

- Alex Oates


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