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The TinaMarinas Being Gorgeous

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
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Tina and Marina, two self-proclaimed “blonde bombshells”, welcome you to the Lizard Room at Espionage where the intimate club setting makes audience reaction part of their performance. You can see who laughs and who just looks bemused as they rap and sing about Being Gorgeous and how the audience can be gorgeous, too.

The two women portray stereotyped club girls. The stereotype is apt for a media-obsessed society where impressionable people vainly chase unattainable notions of femininity. Being Gorgeous has the potential for satire, but any cutting social satire swiftly dissolves into bad karaoke.

The performance culminates as a male audience member participates in a “60 Second Makeover"; the girls turn him into a “rough” lad in denim and sunglasses, the stereotypical portrayal of the “bad boy”.

The show fails as satire but it is playful and the audience participation lends a slight sense of risk to the piece.

- Jack Beglin


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