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Sunday Morning (Edinburgh Fringe)

James Cuningham's one-man play is a vivid depiction of the anxieties we encounter when facing major life changes

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The Box at Assembly George Square must be one of the smallest venues at the Fringe, but James Cuningham's one-man play Sunday Morning transforms the venue into the bustling suburbs of Johannesburg in an hour long production that is as heart wrenching as it is rib-tickling.

Mat (Cuningham) is a photographer, aspiring to fame and recognition but settling for a "fat bank account and full schedule." His cushty lifestyle is threatened when his partner announces her pregnancy and his life - from impending fatherhood to old age and death - flashes before his eyes. In an attempt to process this bombshell, Mat goes for a run through his neighbourhood, but a horrific encounter changes his attitudes and life forever.

Sunday Morning is a wonderfully written play, performed with aplomb, sincerity and superb comic timing by Cuningham, whose physicality and vocal abilities combine to present a vivid depiction of the anxieties we encounter when facing major life changes.

It's not often that a 60 minute monologue performed in a shed on a Sunday morning will move you to tears, but as we left the venue several audience members were reaching for the Kleenex.

Sunday Morning runs at The Box Assembly George Square until 25 August.