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Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Glasgow)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

More so than ever, snow is a four letter word in Glasgow: thank goodness then that the King's Theatre has reclaimed the word in this excellent family pantomime. Written by former King's dame Eric Potts, Tony Cownie's interpretation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs meets Disney with Darius. Neo-classical in its glittering design, this is an illuminated storybook for modern audiences, holding high the beloved song sheet whilst mashing songs for the Glee generation. As knock-kneed and loose armed court jester Muddles, Gavin Mitchell is adorable. Following in the deep footsteps of the late, great Gerard Kelly, Mitchell's sharp performance is endearingly his own and a genuinely funny, amiable physical presence. Barbara Rafferty's Queen Morgiana quips in couplets, exuding a thrilling aristocratic wickedness akin to Glenn Close's Cruella DeVille. Dressed in Sarah Holland's red velvets and black taffetas, she is every inch the crowned Salome, spitting venom from a great height and flying, held aloft by hidden wires. Appearing in a kilt and performing Michael Bublé, the audience swoons as Darius Campbell croons. His superb vocal performance is beautifully rich and his acting wonderfully Charming. Although his vocal style seems at somewhat at odds with Julie Matheson's cartoonish Snow White, it doesn't really matter. As Muddles quips, "Yer no' at the GFT... this is a pantomime". And a very professional and polished pantomime at that.


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