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Silken Veils

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Venue 13, Lochend Close
7-21 August, times vary

The show opens with Darya, an Iranian born American citizen, bursting onto the stage as she flees her own wedding. Confused as to why she won’t marry the man she loves, she is forced to unlock her memory and revisit the impact of a once happy childhood torn apart by events leading to the 1979 Islamic Revolution and its aftermath. Leila Ghaznavi is Darya - playwright, actress and puppeteer.

A set of suitcases on the stage could be seen as a metaphor for the emotional baggage she carries with her. It’s from these suitcases that marionettes and puppets emerge, enabling her to relive memories and communicate with her parents, who, speaking to her through the words of the poet Rumi, give her the courage to forgive and to love.

This new work is a familiar story of how love in a changing political and cultural landscape is put to the test. An ambitious and enjoyable production, there were times when it felt there were too many visual distractions.

- Margaret Scott


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