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Scene of the Titans

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
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Scene of the Titans tells the true story of Northern Ireland’s first gay-friendly rugby team. The show promises to be a really exciting new musical about this really inspirational story - in reality, it’s a real mess.

We follow Terry (Luke Hier), the team captain, on his quest to form the club and to find love. Heir’s performance is lifeless at the best of times. As a result, you don’t simply sympathise with what would otherwise be a tragic and emotional story.

In contrast, the team’s manager and resident drag-queen Sophia (played by Dario Cacioppo and Randy Grab on alternate nights), gives a palpable life to proceedings. The character blends the scenes together. Plus, she has a great singing voice and enough stage presence to hold the attention of the audience during some of the dryer moments.

Overall, though, the production is very sloppy, with disorganised transitions, awkward choreography that looks at once untidy, out of time and out of place, and song delivery that is neither catchy nor enjoyable to listen to. It’s a shame. With some tightening up, more energy, more soul and less extraneousness – it could be cut by at least half an hour – it could be a hoot.

- Joe Plumb


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