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Running on Air

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Pleasance Courtyard
6-29 August, times vary

Today, I’m not reviewing what’s on stage, but what’s in a big yellow campervan. Laura Mugridge’s show invites us inside her vintage VW and into her life with it, detailing her travels as a newlywed and a comedian. This is a charmingly personal show, especially as only five audience members can experience it at any one time.

Mugridge is endearingly sweet, quietly witty and knows exactly how to take an audience into her world. Only, we don’t feel like an audience; not just because there are so few of us also because Mugridge makes us feel like friends. She learns our names and gets us to help her in the storytelling, allowing us to put on music, read the map, and go through her stand-up set with her. It’s a really lovable show that barely feels like a show at all – and I mean that as a compliment; meeting Laura and being invited into her van is a real pleasure.

- Miranda Fay Thomas


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