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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Dumbshow’s production of Roar makes for very interesting and topical viewing, especially given the recent riots in London.

In the show, Moll Cutpurse and her gang terrorise the streets of the city, hoping to get revenge on Lord Chief Justice, John Popham, who has banned dancing, smoking and all things fun in order to “protect people from themselves”.

Popham also happens to be Moll’s twin, but the siblings were separated at birth and now Moll wants to reclaim London for the people, and for her brother to acknowledge her as his sister.

What follows is a raucous, zany, off-beat but brilliant piece of theatre in which the audience is transported to the 17th century to witness a tale of love, lust and anarchy, thanks to some fabulous wigs, wonderful costumes and simple but effective props.

The cast of eight shine and particular mention should be made of Fiona Hampton (Moll), who gives a gutsy, passionate performance as the anti-hero.

- Julie McNicholls


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