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Pistol & Jack – Smash.Glam.Sex.Music.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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This modern cabaret act works on the basis that the two characters, Pistol and Jack, clash in everyway. Imagine an American pop diva, such as Christina Aguilera, teaming up with cockney bad boy Pete Doherty and you’re close to the sort of musical collision that takes place on stage when these two start playing: because these two tend not to play in unison, but prefer to mash-up up a whole array of songs all at once.

The music in this show is good, but it’s the comedy act that tells of the duo’s formation which has the audience giggling. Jack is a simple, drug-dazed rock star whose main preoccupation is sex, and when he meets Pistol, an attention-seeking, father-fixated pop wannabe, they spontaneously bond. They both play their roles incredibly well and their – sometimes intimate – audience interaction is hilarious.

Personality, music, religion, sex and culture all clash in this riotous act and the overall effect is a funny, flirtatious concoction that is very entertaining.

- Charlotte Pegram


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