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Morgan & West: Crime-Solving Magicians

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Someone’s planning the murder of top Victorian magicians Rhys Morgan and Rob West, and it’s up to them to apprehend the villain and foil his weasely plot... Fortunately, having the power of time travel, they’re able to swoop into the future to unravel the mystery and warn themselves.

The sharply dressed duo have an enormous repertoire of tricks, woven cleverly into the story. The combination of tall tales and magic is an entertaining twist on more conventional shows – not only gobsmacking but a great yarn and funny to boot.  From mindreading to conjuring, escapology to illusion, their skills are as versatile as they are confounding. It’s like Holmes and Watson with superpowers.

Set up like a storybook, each ‘chapter’ involves a member of the audience in some unintimidating way. This makes for a great interactive atmosphere, as well as rendering the majority of acts even more baffling. Morgan and West have a graceful rapport between themselves, as well as the crowd: tricks appear effortless, and as authentic as their vintage waistcoats and tails.


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