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Moon Horse vs the Mars Men of Jupiter

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Advertised as an over-18s show, Moon Horse vs the Mars Men of Jupiter is actually a family-friendly affair.

It tells the story of Jeffrey Livingstone, who gets fired in a rocket from the Isle of Wight and becomes is the first man to land on the moon (don’t tell the Americans).

Making friends with Moon Horse - the greatest hero earth has never known - they plan to save the world from the evil Mars Men of Jupiter whilst fighting robots, cowboys and Satan himself on the way.

Interspersing the action are some really funny songs (my favourite centring on Maggie Thatcher), witty jokes and lots of costume changes. It's a bit scruffy around the edges and the script could be a bit tighter at times but it's a good laugh and a pleasant enough way to wile away an hour.

- Joe Plumb


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