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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
As the title of this show suggests, the aim of the evening is to manipulate the audience into seeing what magicians Simon Coronel and Vyom Sharma want you to see.

Whether it be a coin jumping from one hand to another or a bottle of wine appearing from nowhere, these slick Australians amaze the crowd with their close-up magic.

Though the tricks are impressive, they are also a little repetitive (a coin trick leads into a casino chip set-up and that in turn leads into a con with two silks) and some will find there is a little too much talking and not enough trickery, but it’s nice to see an accomplished act trying to do something different with close-up magic.

With a full-house and a standing ovation from sections of the crowd, there is no doubt Simon and Vyom are entertaining.

And, as they explain, the world belongs to the manipulators. With a few more tricks, the world could belong to this likeable duo.

- Julie McNicholls


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