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Kubrick3 (Edinburgh Fringe)

This comedy play the Pleasance Courtyard explores the effect of impersonating an award-winning film director

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Written and directed by David Byrne, Kubrick3 is the story of Alan Conway, who, during his lifetime took on various roles, including the eponymous film director, without ever really being himself.

In this PIT production, Conway is represented by a team of four actors, who scheme and cajole one another to come up with increasingly far-fetched scams. On the unwelcome visit of his son, Alan is forced to give an account of his life, and why he wasn't a better father. He leads his son, and the audience, through his various past lives as a con man, impersonator, even Holocaust survivor, making inventive use of the space, and liberal use of the truth.

However, the real problem is that with all the lies that he tells, we learn little of the real Alan, and like even less. We share in the son's frustration about never having a straight answer, and eventually tire. Alan loves an audience, regularly breaking from the scenes with his son to keep us all involved and entertained.

While amusing, this can rob the play of any sincerity or pathos. A lively and clever production, if ultimately a bit meaningless.

- Tom Sudron

Kubrick3 continues at the Pleasance Courtyard until 26 August