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John Peel's Shed

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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John Osborne succesfully seduced a responsive audience with this ecstatic and slightly jittery monologue. Aided by a projector, eclectic music, and a glass of wine, he also impassioned my passion for performance with his passion for Radio.

Taken on a tour of Osborne's biography; discovering the magic of wireless, reading poetry, first encounters with girlfriends, distastes with mainstream radio, and his first job working for Zoo Radio, Osborne weaves the story of his life with radio as the narrative thread, spinning a yarn that brings performance back to its roots: storytelling.

Personal, honest and witty Osborne's confessional has a universality about it; a young and ambitious person concerned with the world around him, his chosen career and passion.

- Jack Beglin


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