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It's Not What You Know... (Edinburgh Fringe)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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blotTheatre are a group of students/graduates from Hull University in many cases off to Drama School shortly.

Here they create a comedy acapella sketch revue exploring the world of Rose, a recent graduate from the Traditional Academy of Dramatic Art (TADA), and her struggle with agents, rejections, creepy/over the top ex friends, and FizT (Physical Theatre, darling).

The songs are traditional west end classics with a twist on the lyrics, and there are some genuinely fun industry in-jokes and witty ideas.

In the end she succeeds by taking the advice of her fagin-like agent... "you've got to show a nipple or two".

The singing is fun and well drilled, but the sketch idea is stretched very thin and if they plan to continue to create "musical parodies" they need to get dramatically much tighter.