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If That’s All There Is?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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It feels cruel to laugh at someone on what is supposed to be the happiest day of their lives, but it’s almost impossible not to in this cruel and clever piece by Inspector Sands which examines an extreme case of pre-wedding jitters.

Frances (Lucinka Eisler) and Daniel (Ben Lewis) are about to be married and, as their happy day approaches, their stress levels rise and it looks increasingly unlikely that they will make it through. Daniel turns to a therapist for advice and Frances begins to take her frustrations out on her unwitting work experience girl and somehow, by means of a fake moustache and a box of celebrations, by the end of the piece things look much more hopeful.

All the performers are great but Giulia Innocenti’s perfectly judged therapist is a particular delight as she constantly thwarts her client’s attempts to provide her with information, focussing instead on her own madcap solution to his problems. Innocenti flits brilliantly between playing the therapist and the shy work experience girl with incredible ease and it is through the eyes of these remarkably different characters that we examine Frances and Daniel’s relationship.

This quirky comedy is hilariously sharp and the company are a delight to spend time with. Catch it if you can.

- Chris Hill


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