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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Site specific theatre becomes even more appealing when the venue is an actual pub. This 40 minute one man play takes place in a snug corner of Milnes Bar, around the corner from Assembly. Initially the background noise, as the rest of the pub goes about its normal business, is a little distracting. However, it isn't long before we are completely caught up in the one sided conversation of honest Dave.

Dave likes to tell it as he sees it and is keen to tell us how he sees it too. He is a man who seems prepared to live with the consequences of his brutal honesty. Though like the rest of us some of his franker opinions are internalised and remain unspoken, at least to the subjects of his home truths. D.C. Moore's play is absorbing, dark and richly comic. As Dave, Trystan Gravelle gives a fine, truthful and funny performance.

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