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Eunuchs in My Wardrobe

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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This is the tale of one man's life, as a mixed race boy in both England and India in the Seventies and the man he becomes.

The simple set is strewn with coloured silks and lights and the one male performer, Silas Carson, is dressed in silver leggings, a white lacy top and a pink scarf tied around his waist. His entirely believable character is at once familiar and exotically strange, slipping between prose and poetry to tell a story of beauty and mysticism and the cruel banality of small town Britain.

The performance is charming and clever, if occasionally hard to follow, and filled with facts and anecdotes of India and her history. It’s the tale of a rite of passage, of gaining understanding and identity within contrasting cultures and against the backdrop of a recognisable family and its frustrations. The audience reaction was mixed; it’s a little antagonistic so perhaps that’s natural. I would recommend it.

- Caroline Pearce


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