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Dances for Wolves

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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There is some good writing in Dances for Wolves, a play written for the late-night Edinburgh market, in which five female actors wearing basques play sex-workers who perform routines and monologues in their club, the G-Spot, to impress a Sheik, the supposed new owner of Wolves Football Club.

The girls have each been given identifiably different characters and there is good Rabelaisian fun in the opening numbers and at the expense of customers, for which read members of the audience. Nor will I quickly forget the description of wearing a G-string as “like slicing your arse-cheeks with a cheese wire”.

There are also some pretty dubious jokes at the expense of autism, narcolepsy and vertically challenged people, described here as dwarves.

Also, the initial gusto and drive peters out as the show rather degenerates into one set piece after another. However, as late-night Edinburgh sex-related shows go, this is one cut above the rest and might be worth a moment of your time, if that’s what you’re after.

- Craig Singer


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