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Cutting the Cord

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Intriguing and interactive, Cutting the Cord traces the experience of emigrating to Britain with its highs and lows. Told from the point of view of performer Sachi Kimura, it explores what it's like to be miles away from your place of birth and whether you can ever feel truly at home.

An array of theatrical devices are employed to convey the sense of wanting to belong. You immediately become part of the piece, quizzed before entry about where you've been and where you've going. For me, in Fringe mode, I spoke only about the theatre I had been to and the show I was going to next, but others offered less literal responses.

Upon entering the room, the audience first shares the stage with Kimura - an unexpected and initially uncomfortable moment until the performer works her charm on you, making you feel as if you've just met a new friend. 

Daniel Marcus Clark's musical accompaniment adds to the dreamlike atmosphere and the contemplative nature of this hour-long performance. It's a journey well worth taking.

- Paul Ewing


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