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Colour Me Happy

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Yes, it's lovely. It’s silly and there’s no discernible direction to it, but that’s fine. Three performers with talent and charm take on Girl Power, a set of giant pencils and an inexhaustible supply of bubble-wrap.

Lip-syncing to a Spice Girls interview with their heads poking through one of those “take my picture as a celeb” boards you get at fairgrounds works exceptionally well, although it may be repeated once too often. Similarly, the helium balloon trick goes down a storm the first time but probably doesn’t need its second or third outing.

‘Playful’ seems to be the buzzword in theatre at the moment and Colour Me Happy takes the idea to an extreme by occurring mostly in a primary school classroom or a children’s TV studio. It’s an exercise in 90s nostalgia, but also an exploration of growing up and the randomness of life. There’s more to theatre than charm, but the charm on offer here is just about irresistible. Spice up your life and get along.

- Craig Singer


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