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Colin Hoult's Inferno

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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This show is billed as an exploration of heroism and madness, with innovative comedy sketches, unforgettable characters and joyous audience inclusion. Unfortunately, it does not fully live up to this billing.

Hoult and his two co-stars undoubtedly throw themselves into all the characters and scenarios, but they prove to be somewhat hit and miss. The more successful characters include an enthusiastic dog with a Brummie accent who gets the audience involved in the show, and a slightly camp Scottish man with a penchant for French house/nu jazz music. Some of the other characters, however, seem to fall rather flat.

The finale does bring the audience together in an oddly poignant way through the use of pathos, but many audience members still leave the show looking a bit nonplussed, whilst others have laughed throughout. Perhaps Hoult's style of comedy is an acquired taste; if that's the case, it is one that this reviewer does not possess.

- Emma Watkins


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