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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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In its dark humour about the problems of juggling a career and a family, this show presents something similar to a grown-up 'chick flick' with verve.

The play itself hails from Finland and this production has been directed by Finnish director Irene Aho, but uses Lothian-based actresses to play the three frazzled women at its centre: Sofia, Julia and Emmi.

Sofia is a primary school teacher whose school is about to close, Julia has found herself in the inappropriate position of sleeping with a patient and Emmi has taken to a potent mix of anti-depressants and alcohol in order to palliate a crumbling career and an adulterous husband.

As they find themselves powerless to help one another they stumble into bizarre situations; verbal and physical fights, drunken escapades and overnight stays in prison. The way that this play self-consciously presents the crazy exploits of its characters will lack subtlety for some viewers; however, its black comedy will speak directly to those audience members who, through the stresses of work and family life, understand what it is to be close to loosing a grip on life, love and sanity.

- Charlotte Pegram


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