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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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This revival of Simon Stephens' 1998 play is beautifully acted and imaginatively staged. It serves as a reminder of our capacity to confess our darkest and most private thoughts to perfect strangers and examines the safety we find in anonymity.

Jimmy is a minicab driver and we follow him as he picks up a string of people over the course of one evening. As he chats casually with his fares he hints at somewhere he has to go after work. Someone he has to meet. But, despite coaxing secrets out of his passengers he remains steadfastly outside the situation - offering advice, but trying never to add insight from his own life. All the actors deliver subtly dark performances but Garry Jenkins’ wonderfully restrained performance as Jimmy is particularly memorable.

At times I found the lighting and transition sequences to be oddly aggressive and the sound design heavy handed. Whilst I understand the audience needs one fare to be swept away as the next is accepted, these moments seemed to be slightly at odds with the delicate renderings of the many people Jimmy meets as he travels round London.

- Chris Hill


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