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Black Watch

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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On entering the venue there are warnings about loud noises and strobe lighting, but as the performance is about our Black Watch soldiers in Iraq it is to be expected.

A most dramatic performance with no opportunity to sit back and relax this multi-award winning show really gives an insight into life as a soldier in the war. Written by Gregory Burke, directed by John Tiffany and acted by an amazing cast of men, many of whom are decended from actual Black Watch servicemen. The story follows a reporter Keith Fleming who is trying to write a piece on what it is really like to be a soldier in Iraq, his main contact is with Cammy, Jack Louden, a young lad who is easy on the eye and knows how to be polite so the Sergeant and Officer tend to ask him to talk to any press necessary as he portrays them better than some of the men would be able.

The versatile set moves from pub meeting with the reporter to war field and back again in the blink of an eye and although this could be very confusing it is done skilfully and easily with no doubt in your mind as to what you are watching.

This performance offers something for everyone: action, excitement, special effects, music, men in uniform, teamwork, patriotism and even a lesson in history.

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