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Apply Within

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Given the economic climate and the number of unemployed, Apply Within couldn’t be more relevant.

But rather than dwell on the state of society at large, this clever show focuses on the plight of one particular job seeker.

Joe Parsons goes through the mill in an attempt to find work in this new musical written by James Michalos and Adam English.

The programme does not specify who plays Joe, but this is a charming performance.

The whole cast (Johnjo Flynn, Ian Lilley, Kate Mounce and Lizzie Carter-Fox) give outstanding performances, with two actors playing job hunters Joe and Sophie and the remaining pair showcasing their considerable talents in a variety of roles, including Joe’s friends and a series of interviewers.

Joe and Sophie are put through their paces, going head-to-head for the same job over and over again, but will Joe triumph, or will unemployment lead to something better?

You’ll have to see for yourself!

- Julie McNicholls


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