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After the End

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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In the wake of a mysterious nuclear explosion Louise Helen Darbyshire finds herself confined in a bunker with Mark Tony McGeever. While Louise tries to understand the magnitude of the explosion she finds it increasingly difficult to cope with the man she is trapped with.

This play seeks to look at how we treat those people on the fringe of society; how in ordinary day-to-day office life Louise has treated “mental” Mark, but it also shows the disquieting flipside of this situation: how an outsider views and acts towards those at the cosy centre of a community.

In an urgent performance Darbyshire and McGeever captivate the audience; they sustain the intensity of the plays’ dialogue with the ferocity of their stares and the violence of their growing, twisted relationship.

Although the dark content of this play will undoubtedly disturb audiences; it is so superbly well written and well performed that it should not be missed.

- Charlotte Pegram


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