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A Hero of Our Time

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Adapted from a novella by Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov, A Hero of Our Time charts the romantic exploits of Grigoriy Aleksandrovich Pechorin, an impetuous army officer serving in the Caucasus. Pechorin is irresistible to women yet contemptuous of them, over the course of the play cruelly toying with the affections of both a former lover and an innocent young woman on holiday in the region.

While Kudos Theatre presents a solid telling of Lermontov's story (the first time it has been adapted for the stage, it should be noted), A Hero of Our Time unfortunately does not achieve the level of urgency that the action-packed plot deserves. Despite being played by an able cast, the drama's characters are too vaguely drawn to care about, meaning that just at the point that the audience should be most rapt, we begin to lose interest.

The physicality in this production feels entirely extraneous: rather than adding anything to the drama, it only succeeds in distracting attention from the dialogue. The use of mime, in particular, feels like a token gesture, employed inconsistently throughout the show in an unimaginative and amateurish fashion. This is a shame, because with a little more attention paid to creating well-rounded characters and a little less time spent pointlessly crowbarring moments of lacklustre physical theatre into the show, A Hero of Our Time could be a very satisfying piece of work.


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