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Twilight setting in

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It’s the end of week two and twilight is beginning to creep up on me. ‘Twilight’ is what we call the rising blood pressure, the irrational anger and the short fuse consistently being relight by the Mile. Stand back everyone. This always happens on the brink of week three, the initial excitement has dissipated, and your just coming out of the mid way lull. As one member of Idle Motion said to the other yesterday – ‘I’ve never seen you with such big bags before’. Cheers.

It’s hard because you want to savour every moment during the last week as the show count goes down but in the same breath flyering has become truly, truly dull and there are people everywhere, all the time. My patience is wearing thin. For everything. The Fringe is becoming all encompassing, it’s all I can think about, talk about, hear about. And it’s all getting a bit tedious. However, I know when the Fringe ends I will look back on this feeling with misty eyes and a wistful sigh, wishing it all back again.

And it’s not just the flyerers and performers who are looking a bit jaded, the punters themselves are having none of it. Yesterday flyering on the Royal Mile was the most difficult so far – out of a queue of about sixty people I would say about 10 (the lucky few) took a flyer. Some people have started giving me some interesting back chat. For example ‘that’s the third piece of “beautiful” theatre I’ve been offered today’, rolling their eyes and turning away from me. Some people just barged past me, others just shook their head before I even moved, reading in my eyes the intention. Another flinched when I offered the flyer, like I was going to hit them. Bad times.

Oh dear. I just read those last two paragraphs back and its makes me sound very unhappy and pissed off. That’s twilight for you. I am having a good time. Honest.

Let’s change the subject shall we? Come on let’s try and think of something else to talk about…

Anything at all...?

Oh forget it. Can I interest in some five star beautiful theatre?


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