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As a guest-blogger on WOS, I am not a reviewer.  But I saw a piece I loved yesterday and I’d like to tell you about it - not as a WOS reviewer, but as a private citizen.

Thirsty is at the Pleasance Courtyard at 5:45.  It’s very beautiful and very moving and very uplifting and very sad.  It’s by a company called Paper Birds - I’d heard of them but hadn’t seen any of their work before.

Thirsty is very funny at times, often blackly so, and at other times very painful.  It’s an incredibly moving piece.  Great performances, the music is great, the design is great and the staging is great.  (I’m not a reviewer, I don’t feel the duty to find synonyms).

You should see Thirsty.  I think it’s going to win a lot of awards, but that’s not why you should see it.  You should see it because it’s really, really good.  There’s a moment near the end where half the audience are doubled up with laughter and the rest silent in pain.  I love moments that split the room like that.  Many of us were wiping tears away as we left.

But you might not want to take a drink in to this one.


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