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Speechless comedian makes Edinburgh Fringe debut

A comedian who lost his speech due to Cerebral Palsy is bringing his debut solo show to the Edinburgh Fringe next month

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Lee Ridley
Lee Ridley, aka Lost Voice Guy, is preparing to make his Edinburgh Fringe debut next month using a communication device to voice his jokes.

According to press material, the 32-year-old "uses his iPad to great comic effect to take us on a journey as he tries to make himself heard."

Since making his first stand up performance in February 2012 [see video below], Ridley has already attracted celebrity fans including Little Britain's Matt Lucas, and warmed up for fellow stand-ups including Ross Noble and Jason Cook.

"People tend to stare and laugh at me anyway, at least this way there's a scheduled time and place for it," said Ridley, who lost his speech as a baby due to Cerebral Palsy. "I'm providing a public service, which is more than the government is doing at the moment."

He added: "I've always loved making people laugh so I've enjoyed my last 18 months as a comedian, it's a dream come true really. One that I never thought would happen. Hopefully I can make lots of people laugh in Edinburgh too - or at least leave them as speechless as I am."

His show, titled A Voice Of Choice, will be on at The Stand Comedy Club at 8.10pm from 2 August until 25 August (except Mondays).

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