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Not Our Target Audience

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I had a delightful conversation with a man outside the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh today who is exactly the opposite of the target audience for Can You Dig It? We got chatting because I was drinking a can of ginger beer. He thought it was real beer and that I was downing alcohol at 11am. He was Swiss and called Dominic. Here is how our conversation went after we had discussed ginger beer and I confirmed it was non-alcoholic and that I'm not some kind of lush.

Me: So are you here to see the Garden? It's lovely.
Dominic: Gardens bore me to death.
Me: Oh.
Dominic: My girlfriend loves them. For me, going round a garden is like being tortured.
Me: Oh. Well, if our show wasn't sold out today then you could have come and seen some comedy instead.
Dominic: I hate comedy.
Me: Oh dear. Our show is a comedy show about gardening. Don't bother booking a ticket.
Dominic: I don't like going to see shows.
Me: Well, you've come to Edinburgh at the right time then. What do you like?
Dominic: Sleeping.

This makes Dominic sound nasty but actually he was incredibly charming and funny. When I told him it was a bit of an uphill walk to the town centre he said: "I am Swiss. I walk up mountains all the time. It is nothing to us."

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