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Nature Calls

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Abandoning our window sills and table tops, this week the cast of Threshold ventured out of our Jerwood-shaped safe-hold and into the big outdoors. Our director (the multi-tasking maestro Susanna Davies-Crook) thought that it’d be a great idea for us to get a sense of the scale of our production. So with packed lunch in hand and props at the ready off we set to the other side of London until we arrived at the swankiest park in town – Kenwood.

Now I’m all up for theatre al fresco but I think the ladies and gentlemen of northwest London who frequent the delightful setting of Kenwood House for their Marks & Spencer sponsored picnics and conservative constitutionals were somewhat less thrilled about the idea. I’m not sure if it was the sight of me in my boxers (our costume mistress decided it didn’t count as indecent exposure if it was in the name of theatre) or the large periods of time we spend animatedly talking to ourselves (we have “imagined audiences”) but we’re on a first name basis with park security. And I’m pretty sure the animal workshop we did this afternoon hasn’t helped matters; during which a three-year-old boy came and threw an impressively large piece of foliage at us, almost certainly on the orders of his disapproving mother whose scathing looks were merely met with panda grunts and chimp calls.

But rehearsing outdoors has yielded more than an abusive toddler, and I think we now appreciate the sheer size of this production. Let’s just say that when the booking information advises you “to wear sensible footwear” I can guarantee that this isn’t just one of those things written for the more mature audience member. But who doesn’t love exercise-based theatre? And with Mr. Motivator’s Macbeth finally out of the West End, there’s a perfect niche in the market. Let’s just say if your summer dilemma has been between a gym membership and the scarcely-comparable-in-price ticket for Threshold, I’ve now made that decision that little bit easier… Glad I could help.

Off to pack my own sensible footwear and finish preparations for the joyous 9hr minibus ride that awaits tomorrow morning.  With 4 out of the 13 people travelling up to Edinburgh claiming to have severe car sickness, I have a feeling that it’ll be miracle if the journey is vomit-free.

I will of course let you know next time if miracles really do come true. Until then!

Yours optimistically,


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