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Morgan & West: Edinburgh Afflictions and Frinjuries

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We're half way through the Fringe and it's taking it's toll. It's not all laughs and glowing reviews in Edinburgh, successfully promoting a show requires a lot of hard graft, and that has it's cost. So, for those of you just turning up for the second half of the festival, we present a list of Edinburgh afflictions and Frinjuries to look forward to.

1) You'll be standing up a LOT when pushing your show, so find some comfortable shoes, and you can still expect blisters, sores and the constant flat ache on your soles. You'll never look at a comfortable place to sit the same way again.

2) After producing thousands of flyers using sleight of han- I mean, "magic"- we're starting to get callouses on our hands. That's the price we pay for the spectacular production of our flyers.

3) Remember sleeping? Nope, neither do we. The Edinburgh Fringe is actually a huge psychological experiment to see if thousands of people can survive for a month on 4 hours sleep a night.

4) Remember vegetables? Nope, neither do we. The Edinburgh Fringe is also a huge nutritional experiment to see if thousands of people can survive for a month on nothing but angus burgers and takeaway pizza.

5) Mile-Malice. It's like road rage, only pedestrianised. After a couple of weeks of people ignoring you, giving you flyers they've just been given, making "hilarious" comments or generally treating you like a second class citizen, it's easy to get pretty short with people on the mile. Keep your cool, we're half way through, you'll survive.

Still, whatever happens, there are pubs and bars all over the city that can give you all the home remedies you will ever need.

Until next time magic fans,

All the best,

Morgan and West

Morgan & West: Time Travelling Magicians, Gilded Balloon, 15:45, 4th - 29th Aug
Twitter:   @WestMagic   @MorganMagic

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