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Good evening everyone, my name is Rhys Morgan and next to me is Rob West. Together we are Morgan & West and tonight ladies and gentlemen we are laying down our fountain pens, gently closing our diaries and picking up our type-writers. That's right, you've guessed it, we are taking the brave, bold and all together brilliant leap into the world of Internet blogging.

Over the coming weeks rather than recording our delightful, deep and more often than not daft thoughts in our diaries we'll be publishing them here for all to see. I do hope you'll forgive the layout of our current musings as we're just getting to grips with this new fangled technology although I assure you we're fast learners indeed!

With the Edinburgh Fringe scant but weeks away preparations have begun in earnest at the Morgan & West residency. Last night we performed our final show of Bamboozlement! before starting the intensive rehearsal process for Morgan & West: Time Travelling Magicians. So far that intensive rehearsal process has involved one pack of HobNobs, two tickets to see the marvellous Penn & Teller in London and more cups of tea than is polite to mention in civilised company. Thankfully all is (so far) going to plan and once again we find ourselves quite enjoying the whole process.

Anyway, that's us done for the day. Time to make a hot cup of cocoa, put on our night caps and head up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire. Night night.


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