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Morgan & West: A Spring in Our Step & a Song in Our Hearts

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Good morning one and all. Something a little flippant this morning, yesterday whilst flyering Rob and I started singing a song to the tune of the Prologue from Les Miserables. For those of you unfamiliar with it we heartily recommend having a look at //www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSBIqW07SLM . Then sing away.

Set to the tune of Prologue (Work Song), Les Miserables.

Roll up, Roll up,
Come see a magic show.
Roll up, Roll up,
There's four tickets to go.
The sun is strong,
We're melting on the mile.
Roll up, Roll up,
We'll be here for a while.

I know she'll book,
I know that she'll be true.
Roll up, Roll up,
There'll be a seat for you.

It's going well, Please write us a review.
Roll up, Roll up,
We're at Gilded Balloon.
Please come and see, Morgan and Wee, Actually it's West!

Roll up,  Roll up,
Our price is getting higher.
How long, oh lord, do I still have to flyer?

Roll up, Roll up,
We're on a junk food binge.
Roll up, Roll up,
You're standing in the Fringe.

Now bring me all tickets bought on 2 for 1,
You're time is up now and the show's begun.
You know what that means -
Yes, it means I'm late...

Have a good time, see you on the Mile.

Morgan & West: Time Travelling Magicians, Gilded Balloon, 15:45, 4th - 29th Aug
Twitter:   @WestMagic   @MorganMagic

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