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Edinburgh Lyceum announces plans to reopen in December with new seating arrangement

The venue will host socially distanced audiences

A sketch lay-out for the reconfigured auditorium
A sketch lay-out for the reconfigured auditorium
© Tom Piper

Edinburgh Lyceum has laid out plans to kickstart performances again before the end of the year.

The venue will present a variety of 'Christmas Tales' throughout December, directed by Zinnie Harris and Wils Wilson, with design by Tom Piper.

Penned by Andy Cannon, Hamaad Chaudhry, Tony Cownie, Robert Softley Gale, Louise Ironside, Jackie Kay, Denise Mina, Mara Menzies, Karine Polwart, Lynda Radley, Shona Reppe, and Morna Young, the tales will either be pre-recorded, presented online, streamed from an auditorium or performed live to a limited audience.

Artistic director David Grieg said today: "We always knew that The Lyceum could not cancel Christmas altogether – The Lyceum hasn't missed a Christmas show in all its 137 years – so we started work with our associates, Zinnie Harris and Wils Wilson, and designer Tom Piper to make a creative response to keep the Christmas spirit alive in these strange times."

The venue will expand its stage, covering the stalls seats with a platform that can house cabaret-style seating – with the performers now at the heart of the action. Live audiences will be able to attend from 16 to 20 December.