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Inside The Cage - The Producer's Perspective

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Well, nine months on from our first conversations about whether we should mount a major premiere in Edinburgh for the festival, here we are on the verge of previewing The Cage in Guildford before travelling to Edinburgh.

The read-through and company meal at my house a few days ago was a great opportunity for everyone connected with the play to come together and hear it out loud and also get a good feed!  What I hadn’t thought about was that due to the hot day we had lots of doors and windows to the garden open, and The Cage being a thriller means loud noises, raised voices etc. 

About half-way through the read-through I looked across at Jamie Barber who runs the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford (our great co-producers for the play) who had a slightly strange expression on his face.  He was thinking just what I was – what must Julian’s neighbours think is happening next door?  Anyway, no police were called, and the neighbours still seem to be talking to me…..

Rehearsals have continued apace in London, and the company have moved to Guildford this morning to rehearse with the full set, before previews on Friday 30 and Saturday 31 July and then up to Edinburgh.

More in the next blog on the background to how The Cage came about, and our fantastic cast and company.  Do have a look at our web-site www.thecageonstage.com (where there are some new rehearsal photos), and most importantly please come and see the play at the Pleasance Queen Dome in Edinburgh!!



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